Oasi Zegna is an ideal place for kids

To welcome young visitors and their families, in addition to splendid landscapes, a balcony-view of the Po Plain, on the one hand, and access to the Upper Sessera valley on the other, Oasi Zegna, nature park in Piemonte near Biella, proposed recreational and sport activities that combine nature, sport and entertainment.

In particular, for the entire family, in Oasi Zegna offers: mountain biking, horse riding,
Adventure Park and Bungee Jumping Centre, Bobsledding on wheels track – rolba run, swimming pool, nature excursion, indoor and outdoor sports.

Together with sport, environmental education has always been one of the top priorities of Oasi Zegna as well, in order to instruct visitors, especially younger children, and bring them closer to nature, teaching them the importance of respect.
A wide range of environmental education courses for groups and school parties such as teaching workshops designed to fascinate and involve by experts or the heads of the various sports schools.

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